Precipitation & drainage solutions that mitigate the effects of flooding

Predictive Analytics

put you ahead of impending rainfall events

Actionable Intelligence

shows you the right action to take & when to take it

Proactive Planning

reduces the risk of flooding & improves drainage efficiency

By connecting strategically placed WeatherBrain stations, a dense network of monitoring stations is created to capture precipitation data across your community. Comparing this data to preset environmental thresholds, such as water management infrastructure capacity limits, will trigger an alert to water management operators so they can take proactive measures. With WeatherBrain, you can proactively:

  • Preserve drainage systems, water management, and community infrastructure, which in turn reduces repair costs, and

  • ensure the safe and continuous movement of people and goods is maintained.

  • Alert both water management operators and the public based on warning indicators triggered by the system, and

  • Improve public awareness and safety before, during, and after a flooding event.

WeatherBrain's quick-deploy, urban design utilizes existing infrastructure where possible, to deploy the following sensors:

Smart City Precipitation & Drainage Station

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