Intelligent mobility solutions that make the lives of motorists, cyclists, pedestrians & operators, easier

Predictive Analytics

put you ahead of impending weather events

Actionable Intelligence

shows you the right action to take & when to take it

Proactive Planning

leads to smarter decisions & safer roadways for all

By measuring a variety of parameters on your roadways and bike paths, you can leverage WeatherBrain’s predictive analytics to provide advance notice of weather events to roadway operators and citizens. With WeatherBrain, you can proactively:

  • reduce operating costs, reduce resource waste (ie. road salts), and increase efficiency through the proactive planning of condition-based maintenance activities, and

  • enable the flow of people and goods within your community, creating a vibrant economy.

  • increase transportation safety for both motorists and cyclists through the alignment of roadway and bike lane winter maintenance activities, and

  • facilitate a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle for all residents by removing barriers to alternative transportation.

WeatherBrain's quick-deploy, urban design utilizes existing infrastructure where possible, to deploy the following sensors:

WeatherBrain Intelligent Mobility Station
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