Densify your road weather network & significantly improve roadway safety - all within budget

Campbell Scientific Canada’s environmental monitoring solution, WeatherBrain, combines sophisticated hardware designed to densify your existing RWIS network, and intelligent internet of things (IoT) software to eliminate the guesswork from critical winter road maintenance decisions and improve public safety.

Average RWIS Network

Micro-climates, accessibility, and most importantly, limited budgets, make monitoring thousands of kilometers of roadway a serious challenge. The average network installs full RWIS stations approx. 150-200km apart, leaving significant gaps in roadway coverage.

Densified RWIS Network

WeatherBrain stations are low cost, low power, quick-deploy road weather stations designed to complement existing RWIS networks at a fraction of the cost of a traditional RWIS station. Finally you can monitor more of your road network and significantly improve public safety, all within budget.

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WeatherBrain station hardware includes:

WeatherBrain RWIS station

Affordable, quick-deploy stations densify your network

Predictive forecasting puts you ahead of weather events

Visual, actionable intelligence shows you when to take action

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No Installation or Maintenance, Just Simplified Intelligence

With WeatherBrain you don’t have to worry about station installation or maintenance. We take care of the hardware to ensure your network collects the accurate data you want, and WeatherBrain provides the intelligence to ensure you have the decision support you need.

WeatherBrain can even pull in the road weather data from your existing RWIS network, consolidating your data set into one easy-to-use platform for simplified analysis.

WeatherBrain environmental software
WeatherBrain environmental software

Know What to Expect and When to Expect It With Actionable Indicators

WeatherBrain doesn’t just provide you with a suite of complex charts and graphs – anybody can do that. Instead, WeatherBrain leverages 40 years of Campbell Scientific Canada experience and a global network of environmental experts to intelligently analyze your data and provide you with simple indicators. These indicators put you ahead of impending environmental events so you know what critical actions to take and more importantly, when to take them, leaving you confident you’ve made the right decision, at the right time.

municipalities trust WeatherBrain
km of roadway monitored
million data points & counting

Put WeatherBrain to Work in Your Network

With WeatherBrain, you’ll never again have to wonder about the condition of your roadways or second-guess whether you salted the roads at the right time.

To learn more about how WeatherBrain can densify your RWIS network to improve road safety and optimize your winter road maintenance program, fill out the form below to speak with a WeatherBrain expert today!