WeatherBrain Station Information


How many stations do I need to subscribe to in order to have enough geo-relevant data to make the decisions I need to?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to WeatherBrain networks as each client has unique needs and environmental factors. The makeup of your network will depend on the number & locations of any micro-climates within your area, as well as the types of stations you wish to subscribe to. Based on these factors, we can recommend a minimum number of stations for your network, and luckily there is no maximum – the more stations, the more geo-relevant your data!

One of our WeatherBrain experts can help you put together a network plan customized to your business needs. Click here to contact an expert today.

What is the guaranteed ‘up time’ of my network?

The WeatherBrain team has invested significant time to develop a platform that will be safe, secure, and available when you need it.  We have implemented a distributed infrastructure model, with frequent data back-ups, redundancy in archiving, redundancy in network connections at our facility, and more.  We work with a large, reliable cloud service provider and have consistently achieved better than 95% network up-time over the last 5 years, and that’s improving all the time.

Can I simply buy the hardware and/or station without subscribing to WeatherBrain?

Absolutely – all hardware and full systems are also available for purchase directly through Campbell Scientific Canada.

I need to collect data from a very remote location - can WeatherBrain do that?

Yes, we have several communications options that allow us to install WeatherBrain in remote locations. Mention this to your WeatherBrain expert when you’re creating your network plan.


Do stations include a Campbell Scientific Canada data logger? If so which one?

No, most WeatherBrain stations don't have a traditional Campbell Scientific Canada datalogger inside, they have a WeatherBrain device.

Which sensors are included on each station?

Standard WeatherBrain stations are fully equipped to measure surface temperature, air temperature, humidity, dew point and precipitation accumulation.

What if I want to measure something else – can I add sensors to my stations? If so, which sensors can I add?

Yes, we can often accommodate the addition of specialized sensors to the standard WeatherBrain station.  Some common additions include snow depth, water level, or a field camera.  Speak to one of our WeatherBrain experts to discuss your needs. Pricing is subject to change, depending on the sensor(s) added.  

Installation & Maintenance of WeatherBrain Stations


Who performs system installation?

We do - you don't have to worry about hardware installation or maintenance. Our installation experts take care of the hardware to ensure your network collects the accurate data you want, and WeatherBrain provides the intelligence to ensure you have the decision support you need. Your WeatherBrain expert can provide an accurate timeframe for your network installations as you create your network plan.

Ongoing Maintenance

How long will my station last?

As long as you need it to! Our equipment has 40-years of experience battling the harshest Canadian conditions, so we are confident that we can keep your WeatherBrain stations working for as long as you need them.  

Do you refresh the hardware with new technology after initial installation? If so, how often?

Yes, WeatherBrain hardware and software may be refreshed as new technology becomes available, or as best practices change.  There is no set interval, and we expect your WeatherBrain station to provide accurate and reliable data for many years to come.   

If I subscribe to WeatherBrain, can I choose to handle the installation and ongoing maintenance myself?

Yes, in certain situations an experienced client can choose to perform the field work themselves, though most will choose to let the WeatherBrain team of experts handle the responsibility as part of our end-to-end solution.  

If I notice a problem with my station, who fixes it?

We strive to proactively maintain our stations with regularly scheduled maintenance however, in the event an issue with your station occurs, our experts handle the diagnosis and repair of the issue as quickly as possible, at no additional charge to you.

If you notice an issue with one of your stations, please contact us immediately at 1-844-454-2505.

WeatherBrain Data

Ownership & Access

Can I just collect the data myself?

Yes, in certain situations an experienced client can choose to collect the data themselves, though most will choose to let the WeatherBrain team of experts handle the responsibility as part of our end-to-end solution.  

Can I share the information with my staff?

Absolutely, we can create customized dashboards so your staff see the information most relevant to them.  In addition, you can create multiple levels of dashboard access for your colleagues, partners, or guests.

However, while your data can be shared, it cannot be sold to any other party as WeatherBrain maintains ownership of all data collected.

Can I have access to raw data?

Yes, while WeatherBrain can manage raw data files, we believe that the real value is the environmental intelligence.

Do I own the data from stations?

When you subscribe to WeatherBrain, we absorb ownership of the data, along with all of the hassle to collect, archive, and manage it all.  In special circumstances, a large WeatherBrain network could be created where the client owns the data. If that option interests you, speak with one of our experts for more details.

Privacy & Security

How does WeatherBrain handle Meta Data?

Meta Data is an important part of the WeatherBrain solution.  Our database is designed to allow for Meta Data to be transmitted from the WeatherBrain station automatically, behind the scenes.  Meta Data is archived, along with environmental data.

In the event of a communications outage (cell network outage or antenna/modem failure), can data be recovered for the period of the communications outage?

Yes.  In the case of a communications outage on site, your WeatherBrain station retains the data until communications are restored.  Once communications are re-established, the data is transmitted, and will appear within your WeatherBrain portal.

Is WeatherBrain data secure? What measures are in place to ensure the data I'm receiving hasn't been altered?

WeatherBrain uses industry standards such as SSL and HTTPS to ensure that you and your data are protected.  WeatherBrain also uses password encryption, and allows multiple levels off access to be configured for different users to preserve the integrity of your data set.