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The WeatherBrain smart city transportation solution monitors, analyzes, and optimizes the backbone of your city – your roadways – leveraging predictive analytics to create a smarter, safer, and more connected place to live.

Your transportation infrastructure has the power to enable commerce, increase public safety and comfort, and connect each and every corner of your city. Yet, in order to optimize the backbone of your smart city and deliver tangible benefits to residents, there needs to be an understanding of the surrounding environment. And that understanding requires in-depth analysis of high-quality, real-time data.


WeatherBrain is an environmental decision support hardware and software solution that monitors, analyzes, and optimizes your roadways


WeatherBrain Environmental Decision Support Software

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WeatherBrain is a smart city transportation solution consisting of both hardware and software that’s designed to eliminate the manual effort and complex analysis usually required to obtain and work with vast amounts of environmental data. Densified networks of Campbell Scientific Canada’s own industry-leading road weather information stations are deployed to collect meteorological data across any geographic area. The urban, quick-deploy design equipped with road weather and precipitation monitoring sensors, is perfectly suited for year-round monitoring of micro-climates across cities and municipalities.


The data collected from each road weather station is then pulled into the WeatherBrain software platform, and where applicable, combined with relevant third-party data for a more robust data set. WeatherBrain’s algorithms complete the data analysis for you, showing you exactly what to expect, and more importantly, when to expect it.


Based on WeatherBrain’s indicators, you’ll know the right decision to make at the right time, effectively putting you ahead of impending environmental events. This level of real-time connection and analysis allows for proactive planning of roadway operations, saving time, money and resources, as well as improved access to relevant, localized data for use by the public, emergency responders, etc.


Know what to expect and when with actionable indicators viewable on your user dashboard.

No station maintenance throughout the life of your contract.

Year-round station value with road weather and precipitation monitoring.

No hardware or installation costs – just one low monthly subscription fee.

With WeatherBrain, you can create a level of interconnectedness only achieved by leading smart cities in the world. By optimizing your roadways, you’re creating a safer environment for residents, increasing efficiency for businesses, and encouraging growth.


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